Okay this is not really a post. It’s more of a query… Hey fellow bloggers, I need your help! I just published another post titled The Dreams- Part II, and if you haven’t already guessed, it’s the second in the The Dreams series! But I had created a separate Page fro this series and I … More How?

Lost and Found

For the better part of an hour now, she’d been walking around, looking for any clue about the rest of her tour group. She accidentally got separated while trying to grab an ice cream from a near by parlour. “Damn that ice-cream”, she thought cursing herself to be so careless.  Her phone was dead and … More Lost and Found


“If they do it once, they’d do it again”. I’m like the living breathing example of this quote, for time and again I’ve ditched blogging and WordPress (very very unwillingly though). But what’s done is done. So, I’m not gonna make any more promises of how regular I’m gonna be in my posts from now … More Comeback!

Chain of Gratitude

Another award? Looks like I’m getting famous already! 😉 Actually, it has been quite a time since I started STOCHASTIC but due to various reasons I had to put a halt to my blogging and the site went through long phases of absence and inactivity. The result? I lost much of my readership and the … More Chain of Gratitude

Mind Palace

Sherlock Holmes talks about a ‘mind palace’. It is a place in his head, a palace to be precise, where he stores all his memories- everything he’s ever seen or read or heard or come across in any way. Well, he could create a mind palace because he has such a memory, he is, Sherlock … More Mind Palace