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“Where anyone could be anything…”

Originally I had intended this post to be a movie review about the recent Disney anime release, Zootopia, but now I guess I’d rather stick to the part that I liked most about the movie (I’ll get to it shortly). The movie centres on a fictional city, Zootopia, whose motto is ‘Where anyone could be… Continue reading “Where anyone could be anything…”



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

I don’t remember when exactly I came across the words, life and death, and the concepts behind them. In fact the only conversation I remember distantly related to this is the one I’m recounting below. It happened a very long time ago, with my dad and I’m using my imagination to fill in the gaps which I’ve forgotten:

Me: Papa, do you believe in immortality, ‘life after death’ or anything of the sort?

He: Not really, I believe that we have just one life. Whatever we do, good deeds or bad, and whatever we get, it’s balanced out in this life alone.

Me: And how can you be sure of ‘this life’? (I moved my hands around me in the air, pointing to everything in the room around us).

He: What do you mean?

Me: I mean, what if this life is not the way we’ve perceived it? What if right now, it’s not us- me and you- sitting and talking here? What if all this is just in one of our (or both) heads?

He: You mean what if all this is just a dream?

Me: Yeah, something like that…

He: Hmmm… that’s interesting. But beta, that is the big question none of us know the answer to!

Each time we get up in the morning, we can’t be certain that we’re actually getting up! Maybe it’s all just a dream, as you say! May be the real universe is so very different from this one and what is actually happening there is unfathomable.This is something beyond us, and we have no control over it! In fact, that redefines the time scale and even life and death, as we know them.

Me: Wow! So, who knows we might me immortals after all!

Here’s a picture I found on FB (shared by 9GAG) sometime back, which I feel goes with the post:


What do you think about the ultimate ‘reality’? Are we all in a dream? Or how about ‘immortality’?

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A World Long Lost and Forgotten…

My father is in the IAF, so he is often away from home, sometimes for months together. It used to be difficult for me as a kid and sometimes when I’d miss him real bad, I’d cry to myself quietly, making sure no one else ever saw me. But I got used to it as… Continue reading A World Long Lost and Forgotten…

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“But I was here all along”, she said!

Last night my uncle was showing this whatsapp video he’d received some time back. It wasn’t a video actually, more of a slide show of wallpapers with a guy’s voice playing in the background. Now, it wasn’t the pictures, but what the guy was saying that caught my attention. It was a story -if you… Continue reading “But I was here all along”, she said!

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As The Mysticism Falls Around…

Okay so as I mentioned in my initial post, STOCHASTIC is gonna be about random things that interest me or have an impact on me in any way, so here I’m with yet another piece of my writing -and this time it’s about this great book I just finished reading ‘The Devil And Miss Prym’… Continue reading As The Mysticism Falls Around…