Recently, the farewell party was organised in my college for all the final year students. Being in pre-final year myself, my batch had to make the arrangements. So, I prepared this farewell speech: When I was looking for an opening quote related to our previous farewell theme, Sayonara, all I could come across on Google … More Farewell

The Curtain Falls

For so long I wanted to write a blog, a place where my thoughts could flow freely and someone would actually take the time to read them, and I did start a blog – STOCHASTIC. I’m so very proud of it and it’ll always be in my Hall of Fame. But you know, if you … More The Curtain Falls


Saturday morning, I’m home for Rakshabndhan (if you have no idea what that means, check out this previous post), I switch on my mobile packet data and suddenly my Whatsapp is flooded with “Heyyy! Congratulations!” or “Girl, whoooaa! Partyyyy” and I’m like: Then as I regained my composure and started going through the messages one … More IS. THIS. FOR. REAL.


Lately I’ve been kind of clueless when it comes to a new post, I just couldn’t think of anything to write every time I open WP. So instead I stuck to The Reader, because as they say ‘Writing is only half of blogging; the other half is reading’ and that has done me wonders. I’ve … More Nervous…