Nostalgia, not so cliché!

Okay so just another day in lab, and in case y’all are wondering, it’s becoming better and better (now I don’t have to stand in a corner like an idiot wondering what to do, I just sit in my chair whiling away the time all day! lol)

But anyway, this post ain’t about lab routines and stuff, well mostly. The thing is, I was just listening to a song (Bollywood) from the 90s and no matter how many times I listen to it, every single one of those times I find myself teleported into that era! And it’s not just about this song, whether it is a 90s thing or a 60s, retros always have that effect on me. Now, I’ve not been around for that long but from what I know about that period, I start wondering what life would have been in those days, from the way people dressed and ate to the way they thought, worked, and just about everything! And I don’t stop at just that- I imagine the time when this particular song (Duniya Haseeno ka mela from Gupt – 1997, in this case) was released and how it’d have been a rage at that time. I think about the singer and the actors and the stardom they’ve had and their current lives. Sometimes I wish I was from that time… and all this just gives me goosebumps!

I understand it’s kind of stupid, all this you know, but it’s an involuntary thing with me… just happens! Have you had any similar experience?


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia, not so cliché!

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