Daily Prompt: Express

Recently, a very renowned actress of India, Divya Dutta, had come to my college to promote her first book- Me and Ma- that she has written as a tribute to her mother. And luckily, I got to host that event!

During the Q/A session, someone from the audience asked her how different is writing a book from acting in a movie (or any show for that matter)?

She replied, “See, both writing and acting are outlets, forms of expression. But when I’m acting, even if I’m not really reciprocating the same emotions, I have to act as per the requirements of the scene. if the scene demands for me to laugh and be happy, I laugh even if my life is going through a really bad patch. And to be able to do that is a beautiful thing in itself. But when I was writing, I wrote from my heart. What my readers will find on each page of this book is what I really felt at that particular moment and not something that I had to pretend to feel. that sense of freedom, to be able to say just what you want to say, is unique to writing”.




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