To Old Habits and to New Ones

Before you begin reading this, I suggest you take a look at my About page first.

Done? Good, now let’s get going. Did you come across anything related to sketches? Yes, of course you did! You see, once upon a time (a very very long time) I used to love sketching and I was really good at it. Here’s one of my oldies:


See what I mean?

But like everything else in my life, this had to have problems too. Did I ever mention I have this teensy weensy issue of migraine? And between sketching, TV, studies, chatting, I used to mostly end up with severe migraine attacks and long lectures from my mother. So, I had to make a choice and hence, sketching was restricted to only summer vacations. The thing about sketching is if you’re doing it regularly, that is, if you’re in practice, you can create wonders! But if you are picking up the pencil after ages…. Well, even then you’d be creating wonders- just not the kind you’d want! So this is what I did today:


So, here’s to an old habit- left behind and forgotten.

Talking about habits, moving on to a new one- while going through my ‘About’, did you come across any term like ‘fitness freak’? Nope? So, that is the new item on the table. I have tried developing this habit of daily exercising and yoga so many times, failing each time miserably. I usually last from a few days to a few weeks. (Check out this post, to know about my workout ordeals). Let’s see how far I go this time. Keeping my fingers crossed and my cellphone’s alarm set!



10 thoughts on “To Old Habits and to New Ones

  1. Tip to start exercising regularly? Don’t start over motivated. Break the habit you want into smaller habits. For example if you are not used to running, don’t say I am going to go running every day this week. A more realistic goal would be I am going to go run every Wednesday and plan it in. After a while you will have that habit and will be ready for more! I worked for almost a decade as a personal trainer so that’s why I thought of throwing in some advice. I hope you don’t mind. Kind regards from Portugal!


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