Mind Palace

Sherlock Holmes talks about a ‘mind palace’. It is a place in his head, a palace to be precise, where he stores all his memories- everything he’s ever seen or read or heard or come across in any way. Well, he could create a mind palace because he has such a memory, he is, Sherlock Holmes after all!

For someone who has to write the day’s assignments on her palm so that she doesn’t forget them, talking about something like a mind palace seems absurd. But then I’m no Sherlock Holmes, there’s no book or movie or TV series on me, I’m Arti Tyagi and I’m contented with scribbling away things on my palm like a five year old. However, occasionally I do like to immerse in my own imaginary world, something like Sherlock’s mind palace, but not to solve a case like him, rather to find peace and escape from the fast paced life. I don’t usually have the luxury of solitude but in the rare moments when I’m left to myself I like to visit this world in my head- my sanctuary– and talk to myself, think, contemplate… It’s a liberating feeling and helps me calm my thoughts and get a better grip of things.


What do you think?

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