The Resistance

For any Star Wars fan reading this, the resistance I’m talking about has nothing to do with that resistance. But this resistance has, I feel, a greater role in our lives. It is our tendency to resist any change in our ways of life. You can think of it like inertia, the virtue by which a body resists change in its state of rest or of uniform motion along a straight line. Sorry for getting too technical, I think I got a little sidetracked. Anyway resistance or inertia, whatever you may call it, can occur on various levels. It can be something as trivial as refusing to listen to a new song by your favourite singer just because you like the old one a little too much and seem to can’t stand to it being replaced by any other song no matter how good. This has happened with me on several occasions. I may have mentioned in some older post that Mohd. Rafi is my favourite singer. He was an Indian playback singer, most popular in the years 1950-70. It is very clear now that I have a distinct taste for Indian retro music. In spite of all this, whenever I happen to listen to a new (unheard, I mean) Rafi song, I have heard a lot of his songs, but still not all, there is a high chance that I may skip it after the initial few seconds. On the contrary, if it is a song I have previously heard, even if I do not particularly like it, I may still prefer it over an unheard one. It’s kind of weird, but happens with me all the time!

The resistance is not just about new songs, it’s about anything ‘new’ that we may come across in our daily lives. Although people may call themselves as ‘always eager to learn something new and creative’ or ‘easily adaptable’ in their CVs, the truth is actually far behind. Whether it is about adding a new ingredient to your favourite recipe, taking a new shortcut home, trying a white dress (I never wear white, you can fill your least worn colour), or even changing your WordPress theme! 😉 Our first instinct is usually to go with the old, more-used-to-option.

The Resistance becomes more prominent when one fine day you do decide to be bold enough to actually take that new route home and it turns out to be the bumpiest ride you’ve ever had! Or your new dish (with the added ingredient) is actually a disaster. And so you think you are better off without this love for ‘new’ and decide to never indulge in anything of the sort from now on.

But that is not the case always. Yes, the experiment may not necessarily give the results you had expected, but negative outcomes are also not guaranteed. So, never let the Resistance take over because who knows the white dress might look just perfect on you!




8 thoughts on “The Resistance

  1. Hi,

    I came across your blog about resistance through the Community blog and gave it a read. I absolutely hate change so I totally understand but I have also learnt that through change comes really good things. Looking forward to more blogs.

    I don’t know what your previous theme looked like but I love the colours you have worked with here.

    I’m new to blogging but would appreciate feedback if you would like?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy that people are appreciating my site’s new look. And I totally agree with you that ‘with change comes good things’.

      I’m on my way to your blog now. Meanwhile feel free to check out my other posts if you like the site!

      Liked by 2 people

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