Through my eyes…

As the lens finally adjusted and I opened a watering eye, I was taken aback for a moment- I could finally see my own face so clear without having to hold the mirror very close or wear my glasses.

It was when I was in 2nd grade that I first told my teacher I had problems seeing what was written on the blackboard from my bench. She immediately asked my parents to have my eye sight tested and so, at the age of 7, I started wearing glasses. In spite of continuous efforts of my parents and me wearing the glasses regularly, my eye sight got weaker and the power of my glasses increased to presently -6.75 for both eyes. For those of you who don’t understand what that means let’s just say I’m dead blind without my glasses. Wearing glasses is a very common thing these days but back then (2001-02), it was not. In fact, I was the only one in my class with the problem and so, initially I was very reluctant to wear glasses and felt embarrassed. But that soon changed as I grew more and more comfortable and moreover, dependent on them. And now, they were like a permanent part of me. My worst nightmare was to lose them.

The real problem used to come on times like holi (a festival wherein we play with colours and water and visit our friends and relatives, etc). I couldn’t obviously go out wearing glasses to play; and without them I couldn’t even recognize a friend at a few feet distance. So I’d depend on someone else (usually a close friend whom I’d cling to for the entire day) to tell me who that guy in black shirt who’s coming towards me with gulaal in his hands was!

I couldn’t even see what time it was in the wall clock without my glasses! Sometimes I used to get really sad or irritated about this. But then I’d think that all I have to do is wear glasses when some people have to suffer so much more. So, it’s not that bad after all. But still, I had my low moments, especially when I was a kid. All this might sound a little exaggerating but trust me it’s really hard to explain the way I felt (and the way I’m feeling right now).

I don’t really know why I didn’t consider wearing contacts earlier. May be I was too lazy to even try them or I’d grown so used to the glasses. One problem was my continuously fluctuating eye sight and then my mother thought I was too careless to be able to take care of them and use them properly.  Anyway, whatever may be the reason, I wore glasses for 15 years until now when I decided to go for LASIK and get rid of them permanently. But as super lucky I am, when we finally got to the hospital and tests were carried out, we got to know that my cornea is too thin to be able to undergo LASIK. So, the only option left for me was to resort to contact lens. And so, ten days later, I was back in the hospital to get my lenses and to learn how to wear them. After fifteen minutes of demonstration and two trials by the doctor, I was finally good to go.

As we were leaving, the doctor asked if I wanted to remove the lenses. “Nah…” I said, “I’d like to keep them on”. I wanted to see more.


6 thoughts on “Through my eyes…

  1. i loved the surprise so so very much. forgive me for getting personal but my chudel is now without glasses and we need to celebrate and play holi. all the best for this new journey.. and i hope your glasses dont miss your pretty face too much. there are no glasses between you and the world. you are free. cheers.

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  2. I really enjoyed your post “Through my eyes”. You opened right up and shared with us your insecurities and how you were feeling when you were younger and had to wear glasses. I understand, not many young children wear them. I was the only one in my class wearing them when I was younger. Now, I am much older, and enjoy how glasses have become fashionable!

    My only disappointment is that you ended the post rather abruptly. I would have loved it if you had shared more about how you felt when you realized you could not get the LASIK. And what the whole experience was like when you went into the world with your new contact lenses.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m sorry that you were disappointed by the end but I had basically formed the entire post in my head while on my way back or should I say as soon as I had stepped out of the hospital and hence, the end. But I’ll keep this in mind in the future posts!

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