Recently, the farewell party was organised in my college for all the final year students. Being in pre-final year myself, my batch had to make the arrangements. So, I prepared this farewell speech:

When I was looking for an opening quote related to our previous farewell theme, Sayonara, all I could come across on Google were dumb relationship quotes. I mean seriously, ‘Are relationships the only thing that end in this world?’ I couldn’t find one decent goodbye quotation! And so, it’s official, I have lost faith in Google, or rather, relationships! Anyway thankfully the theme was changed to ‘Bon Voyage‘, and so here I am, all set with a script!

‘Bon Voyage’ literally means ‘have a safe and enjoyable journey’ or in other words, to bid someone farewell and hence very apt for today’s occasion.

They say there is a time and a place for everything and it’s college. This is the time you move up and about, meet people, go places, make friends, memories worth a lifetime… Or as many amongst you might be feeling today, should I say, ‘ Zindagi ji li yaar!

Yes, that’s right, Zindagi kaati nahi, ji li. But you know what’s the worst part? It’s not the goodbyes that hurt but the flashbacks that follow. And I assure you, today will be worth a flashback reminiscing. A wise man once said, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” And as you sit here today, nostalgia creeping over, I want you all to take a moment and look around and think of the four years that you spent here…

I’m sure that ten years from now, when one rainy night you’ll be sitting with your friends over mugs of coffee or take that much awaited trip to Tomorrowland, your future self will have pretty much to thank you for!

And that is why I say, don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened.ย Classes jo boring aur torturous lagti thhi, assignments jo likhte jaan nikalti thhi, exam time ki late night preparations, bunk mar ke cafe bhagna par har waqt proctorial team ka khauf, hostel rooms me lock laga ke ruk jana… Aur na jaane aisi kitni yaaden…

College life is the only time you can bring out those hidden Shakiras and Sonu Nigams in you. I mean from Sports to Music to Art to Literature and what not! A college provides you with the right stage to nurture and hone all your skills. So for all you ace football and basketball players, brilliant dancers, amazing singers, and not to forget the gaming fanatics, our ‘Counter Strike family’, guys let’s hear it once for you all!

In fact, I feel so lucky to have known someone who is so hard to say goodbye to. And not just one, so many… Guys, know this: You will be loved and you will be missed-A LOT.



P.S. – I didn’t have a good picture ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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