In response to the writing prompt,ย You, Robot

If, by some miracle, I end up with a robot which could do just any one of my chores for me, it’s gonna be, undoubtedly, writing assignments!

I can already imagine what a life it would be where you don’t have to go through that endless torture of writing page after page of things that half the time you don’t understand a word of! I’ll have so much of spare time and I can watch all those movies just sitting and waiting in my lappy, go out, read, blog, sleep(of course) and do so much more! ๐Ÿ˜€

I just don’t understand the point in making us write so much, when it’s clear that given the amount of work, there’s no chance we’re gonna use our head or actually read the stuff and write. So, the actual motive of making the students do assignments is lost somewhere in the number of pages. All we do now is copy-paste!

And if you’re actually planning to send a bot to write my assignments, please do make sure that it is programmed to copy my handwriting as well- that is another issue with my teachers :-/


7 thoughts on “Writ-o-bot

  1. Haha!!! You just kinda spoke for so many of us … that would almost be like a magic pencil….
    What caught my eye was definitely the ‘title’ and the simplicity with which you write ๐Ÿ™‚


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