The Curtain Falls

For so long I wanted to write a blog, a place where my thoughts could flow freely and someone would actually take the time to read them, and I did start a blog – STOCHASTIC. I’m so very proud of it and it’ll always be in my Hall of Fame. But you know, if you love doing something so much, you want it to be the best, just perfect, but for some reason it doesn’t happen. You can’t find time and it starts falling part. That’s exactly what’s happening with me!

It’s just been a few months into WordPress, and I love this more than anything else. Once you log in, it’s like an entirely different world, one post after the other and you just can’t stop! And everything was just awesome until college started, but since then so much has been going on with me, I guess I should probably take a break. I don’t want STOCHASTIC to be a half-hearted attempt, you know popping in after weeks or even months, and posting something in a rush, just for the sake of it, that’s not my thing. I had plans for my blog, HUGE ones but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with them. So, as much as I hate doing this I guess this is my ‘goodbye’ to WordPress! And I’ll only be back when I’m sure that I’ll be able to balance things and manage my time more efficiently.

I loved all those articles and poems and stories and prompts and everything that I’ve been a part of! Thank you all the wonderful fellow bloggers for reading me and showing your love! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep writing! Keep smiling!


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