Confusions, Compromises and Passions

Been almost a month since I wrote something, but in my defense, college just started (after the end sem break) and getting back in the habit has been taking up most of my time. Anyways, returning back to my hostel room felt good. In fact, as strange as it may sound, this feels more like home now as compared to my actual home!

Frankly speaking, I don’t even know what to call a ‘home’ anymore.

My dad gets transferred every five to six years, so when somebody says ‘home’, I can’t think of a single place or house. But you know, as they say, it’s not about the place but the people. So wherever my family goes! Now, my dad got transferred again just as I joined college. So my family shifted to Punjab and since I’d already left for hostel, I haven’t had a chance to stay in my new ‘home’ for more than a couple of weeks at a time. On the other hand, this is my third year in hostel- the same room, actually- and it feels much more comfortable and familiar here.

College is good- classes, friends, bunks, canteen- same old, same old. But the reason I’m writing this post is to talk about something else, something that has been bugging me for quite sometime now. There’s this club in our college, Abhiruchi- The hobby club. It takes care of all the extra curricular activities. It has 6 wings under it- I-Tech (The technical club), Rock On (The cultural club), Panache (The arts club), Stride (The sports club), Images (The publication club) and M-Factor (The management club). All these clubs have their presidential teams, you know the regular President, Vice-president, Secretary, and the lot. These people are selected on the basis of an interview, and since I want to make a complete idiot out of me in front of the interviewing board, this year I decided to apply as well!


But I’m getting second thoughts now.

I mean I do wanna be a part of the clubs, it’s something I love doing, plus it’s all so cool. But, I’m afraid it will affect my academics because obviously all the extra work needs time and attention. And I don’t want to compromise my studies for anything. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep the balance (all this considering I haven’t even appeared for the interview yet, let alone be selected!) ๐Ÿ˜› God,ย I’m so confused…



16 thoughts on “Confusions, Compromises and Passions

  1. i thnk u must go fr the interview….u seem 2 b really capable of handelling both ur studies as well as clubs…so u surely go fr it….all the bst fr ur interview…hope u do well…


  2. U certainly are capable of managing all ..moreover u wouldn’t know until you try..n who knows you might surprise yourself ..m sure u sill..good luck for ur new ventures :-)…whatever you do just keep enjoying..:-)


  3. Arti, I think you can do anything. You have brains, enthusiasm, personality and, of course, you’re adorable. Really! So don’t worry about those grades -you are a responsible, smart young woman and will do fine. But, make sure you find something that interests you, too. An activity you share in common with others. It will just make your college experience richer. Have a marvelous college experience! It will fly by in an instant!


  4. Arti, keep those two pages you wrote for the intro. They’ll make good fodder for future posts. Make sure the tech people know about your great blog. This info would have made for an interesting interview. I’ll bet you could talk about your blog and the experiences you already have for ages. Keep it in mind. Have fun! REALLY! HAVE FUN! Clare


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