Read? Yep! Understood? Ummm…

Okay so as part of today’s assignment under blogging101, I’m supposed to post something which goes with one of the comments I made on a fellow blogging101 course-mate’s blog. I read this post made by Lydia on her blog:ย

It’s about how she’s writing a novel (which is awesome, by the way!) and she got stuck at a point where she’s supposed to describe a house (it’s very important to her story) and it’s hidden treasures. I feel I can relate to the ‘getting stuck’ part and though this post is not about ‘writing being difficult’ (as she says), it’s about me finding reading (and understanding) equally difficult! I know it’d make a crappy assignment but here goes…

Do you remember any time when you read and re-read a particular line or sentence and yet failed to understand its meaning? I’m not talking about complicated stuff here, like rocket science or something, but simple things such as:

‘coordinating efforts to gather biotechnology information both nationally and internationally; and performing…’

Easy, right? But for some reason, it just doesn’t register in your head, no matter how hard you try! If you haven’t experienced anything like this ever, it might be difficult for you to understand what exactly I’m trying to say, but I’ll continue anyway.

This has been going on with me for quite sometime now. Suppose I’m in the middle of a book or a newspaper article, or a blog for that matter, all of a sudden I get stuck on a line. I’ll read it once, twice, thrice… I’ll cover my ears with my hands and read it again, but to no use. I’ll hold my head and really try to focus this time, but again the same story. It’s like I can read each word as an individual, I know what it means, but my mind doesn’t allow me to put it together as a sentence and make sense of it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m going crazy (Well at least I hope not!) and other than this, I’m a completely normal human being!

This thing then stays for around a minute or so. Then, finally, in what seems like my trillionth try, I’ll understand the sentence and move to the next one effortlessly!


I’m working on a lab report right now which I’m due to submit coming Monday. Two days back, as I was doing a little research for my report, again the same problem occurred. There was this article I was going through and I got stuck at a particular line. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m yet to understand the exact reasons behind this little problem of mine. Initially I thought it’s because of the background noises or because of my lack of attention, but I have reasons to believe that it is not so! Whatever may be the reasons, this sure as hell, is a real-bugger!

Have you ever been through anything of the sort or any other peculiar experience you’d like to share?


14 thoughts on “Read? Yep! Understood? Ummm…

  1. First off, thank you for sharing my blog! ๐Ÿ˜€ Second off- I hate it when this happens!! It happens to me every now and again and boy is it irritating! Sometimes I try to just start with the first word, think about what it means, and go through the whole sentence until I can make sense of it. Lol it sounds crazy but I totally get it and do that!


  2. All the timeโ€ฆonce when i was taking the GRE. They used to have these reallllly incomprehensible sentences in those comprehension passagesโ€ฆand if you slipped on one of those, you’d lose precious minutes trying to get back on your feet.


      1. Good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ We all do things that we later find no use forโ€ฆGRE was one of those things for me. Honestly, I don’t like those interminably long passages anywhere – not even in novels.


  3. Hahaha! Happens to me more often than not. Specially with “CA” questions๐Ÿ˜•. You feel so stupid of yourself when It does happen..but we never realise that it is such a common thing had happens to each and everyone of us! At last I don’t feel so stupid after all!๐Ÿ˜ŽLOL.


  4. When this happens to me, it feels as though my brain has just decided to put the brakes on. Like when a very young child is walking along and suddenly decides to halt and then drops to the ground, hanging limply from her parent’s arm. It’s a passive-aggressive way of taking control. It’s best to just inhale and quietly take a moment’s break. Eventually, the meaning will come to you. The child will get up and move on.


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