She’s my Superhero!

The Disney fans among you must be familiar with the song ‘For the first time in forever’ from ‘Frozen’. It’s a lovely track set with a light tone and a happy mood. So, there is one person on this planet who, no matter how low I’m feeling, can always make me feel like Anna from ‘Frozen’ dancing around to ‘For the first time in forever’ -and that is Lilly Singh a.k.a SUPERWOMAN.


If you haven’t heard of her yet, too bad; if you have, I’m sure you love her too! She’s a youtuber who makes funny little videos on just about anything. She can make you roar with laughter on stuff as simple as how a certain Mr. X laughs to totally weird things as her parents’ reaction to, say the trailer of ’50 Shades of Grey’! But that’s not the only reason why I adore her so much, this lady is an optimist, big time, with a downright positive outlook about everyone and everything. I mean I’m sure she too has her worries and stresses and she’s a damn busy person, but she’s always so full of energy, spreading smiles wherever she goes.

She’s like my Santa Claus! ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean she doesn’t get me gifts or anything, but she does get me grinning from ear to ear (or rather, ROFL, like literally!) every time I watch a video of her’s.


But in spite of everything, even she gets all sorts of negative comments or remarks. And the way she takes them on is simply amazing! Once she’d been to some award ceremony (I don’t remember the name, but it was HUGE) and she’d v-logged the entire thing (kinda like a video-blog). So at the end, when she was back home, before wrapping it up she said, “Sometimes I get these comments on my videos or profiles like ‘Look at her, she’s all changed’ ‘She thinks she’s a celebrity now, dressing up so obnoxiously’ etc etc. To all those people, I just wanna say that there’s no such thing as changed! It’s just that when I go out to an event or a function, like all other normal people, I too wanna look good. I’m the kind of girl who’d prefer a sweatshirt and pants over anything else but yes, I do dress up sometimes as per the occasion -and that’s what all of us do!” And she said all this with a smile on her face. ๐Ÿ™‚

I remember this one time she was doing a Q/A in one of her videos (people ask her random questions and she answers) and someone asked her how she manages to be happy all the time? Like, doesn’t she ever get angry about anything?

And she replied, “Yeah I’m all cheery and smiley most of the time. And if I get even the slightest hint that I’m losing my temper -which, by the way, happens ever so rarely- I have this family of Unicorns in my stomach nudging me like ‘eeon eeon no, don’t! STOP!’ (she does the action).

I guess there’s a lot to learn from this lovely lady! And I’m sure by now, you’d definitely wanna check out her videos. So, go ahead, youtube ‘Superwoman’ and join the fun!



5 thoughts on “She’s my Superhero!

  1. Superwomanโค๏ธ. Yes she does make you smile like no one else….at least not on the ‘internet’. Fortunately my friend..ARTI..yes you:) you are a lot like superwoman. So I’m lucky enough to have a superwoman of my own. You put life into words..whether written or spoken! Great write up, cheersโœŒ๏ธ


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