The Lost Connection

“What is this for?” asked mother, pointing to the ‘Tethering & mobile hotspot’ function on the cellphone’s screen. “That is for connecting our device to other devices- mobiles or PCs- via USB or Wi-Fi”, she explained. “Oh! Back in our day, only people were connected or tethered to other people, not these devices of yours…”, … More The Lost Connection


An unexpected journey bore an unexpected gift, It brought me you, And I couldn’t ask for more, For when the world turned a cold shoulder; Your smile brought warmth. My voice of reason, My awesome sauce, My sanity-saver. Through the thick and thin, Forever by my side, On this roller-coaster ride. And now when they … More Twin

The first lesson

“The first step is to hold the pencil over the first point, see like this,” her art teacher explained holding her hand over the sketch book. “Now all you gotta do is drag the pencil from the first point to the next along the dashed lines. Careful, do not draw outside of the dashes!”, she … More The first lesson


Okay this is not really a post. It’s more of a query… Hey fellow bloggers, I need your help! I just published another post titled The Dreams- Part II, and if you haven’t already guessed, it’s the second in the The Dreams series! But I had created a separate Page fro this series and I … More How?

Lost and Found

For the better part of an hour now, she’d been walking around, looking for any clue about the rest of her tour group. She accidentally got separated while trying to grab an ice cream from a near by parlour. “Damn that ice-cream”, she thought cursing herself to be so careless.  Her phone was dead and … More Lost and Found